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When I got home, I checked my self out. Turns out, I was of the eastern variation of dragons and it made sense. My mum was actually from Mexico and my dad was from Japan, so I wasn't confused. I raced to my dog, and surprisingly, he actually still ran up to me. I guess he didn't care about how I looked. He only wanted me just to be nice to him.  As I finished petting him, I ran outside and well, what probably and dragon would do at first, I tried to fly. I guess it was weird, but after a couple seconds it felt beautiful. I soared through the sky to my friend's house just a couple houses away from. I knocked on the door and when they opened, they screamed. "GAH! Don't be so loud guys." I shouted after their screaming. "W-w-who are you and what are you doing?" They asked me still frightened. "It's me, Kyan" I said. "No you're not. If so, tell us something only Kyan knows"  "Okay, then in the Summer there was a garage sale and me and Kaley spent 80 dollars on stuff. I bought two packages of big mason jars and she bought two bookshelves. We tied a wagon to the quad and that's how we transported it to the creek." "You're definitely Kyan" Kyle and Bryce said. I went in and they asked me some questions. I then thought of how I got transformed. It hit me, the rock! On the Saturday before the incident, my dog had a rock inside of his mouth. I took it inside and washed it. I took some wire and bent it to surround the rock. I put it on a string and it looked great. I put the rock on my nightstand and the day of my transformation, I wore it. I was looking at my neck and it was gone! I had to look for it on Monday! DANGIT!
Life as s 10 year old dragon- part 2
I was sorry for not posting for a while but here you go part 2 and all the stuff about the creek was true
  Ah, dear reader! Looks like you have found my story. You see, it started when I was in the 5th grade. I just had finished my iMovie, and I had to present it.
  "Kyan, you're up next" said Mrs. Miller.

   "Blast it" I cursed under my breath.

   After my classmate finished, I got up and plugged in the cord to the speaker. As it started, I felt pains. I groaned in pain, and then a large golden, scaly tail erupted from my pants. A large gasp was all everyone could say. Even Mrs. Miller was speechless. I started to curl up in a ball, and all I could feel was pain. I felt a huge presence in my mind, and it comforted me while I was changing. Then I passed out.

  As I started to drift back into consciousness, I saw Mrs. Miller, my mum, sister and Mrs. Glasser, the principal, looking down at me.

  "Ugh, what happened? I feel so.....different" was all I could say.

   "You were pressing play when you started transforming. You passed out from the pain" said Mrs. Miller.

  "I think I need to go home" I said.

    "Yup, but be quiet. Everyone's reading and I told them nothing's going on." Mrs. Glasser said.

  As I sneaked by, Ha Min got a sneak peek at me. He started freaking out. Soon, everyone was running to me asking questions. As I was mauled, my mum pulled me out and we rushed home.

  When we got home, I was stunned. I was a beautiful 6"4 dragon. I was one of those long ones with whiskers like in Asian cultures. I was rainbow like. Gold horns, claws, eyes, and tail. I had purple hair, blue-ish head with muzzle, green neck and the top part of the torso and arms, yellow bottom part of the torso and arms, orange legs, and red fee- paws. I looked really cool. This was the best day ever.
Life as a 10 Year Old Dragon- Dragon TF Part 1
I know it's short, but I had to go to bed. Enjoy.


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